NEWS: NorthHouse Partners expands the group of partners with two experienced profiles.

Gert Bendsen and Henrik Schlægel join the partner group at NorthHouse Partners to strengthen growth and add new skills and services.

The two new partners expand NorthHouse Partners’ portfolio with services that include CXO Services. Gert Bendsen and Henrik Schlægels’ both have many years of experience in developing and improving several business areas and organizations, as well as a strong network of experienced managers who can deliver the competencies that companies in growth and transformation often lack.

The new group of partners consists of:

Peter Helmer Sørensen founder of NorthHouse Partners in 2008 has since worked on expanding a network-based company with focus on finding and offering the best specialists in program, project and transformation management.

Gert Bendsen has been in charge of ScanJour and Edlund as CEO and has previously been CFO in both places as well as CFO in two international companies and furthermore, he has been Vice President in KMD.

Henrik Schlægel has most recently been Executive Vice President of SimCorp in the development from 2013 to 2020 and has also previously been CEO of ScanJour. In addition to this, he has international experience from Microsoft, Deloitte and IBM.

“We see a need in both established companies, as well as scale-up and private equity owned companies to add strong management skills, which companies often find difficult to attract, because special competencies are only needed in a short period of time, or the size of the company does not require full-time senior competencies in management. With the concept of CXO Services, we can enter a company in connection with a change of ownership, acquisition or growth boost to act as CEO, CFO, CCO or CSO until the transformation is well completed,” says Gert Bendsen.

“Regardless of the size of the company, they go through the life cycles of development and innovation that require extra effort. With our CXO Service concept, we can contribute with the extra experience and insight needed to realize ambitious growth goals, implement turnarounds, and give the boost needed to deliver high performance in the business,” says Henrik Schlægel.

“I look forward to the partnership with Gert Bendsen and Henrik Schlægel. During the 14 years NorthHouse Partners has existed, we have on several occasions been the supplier of the Project Delivery Excellence concept to both of them in #ScanJour, #KMD, #Edlund and #SimCorp. I know them as very targeted and executing top managers who manage to assemble strong teams and perform themselves,” says Peter Helmer Sørensen.

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Peter Helmer Sørensen: +4530302120

Gert Bendsen: +4526314226

Henrik Schlægel: +4553806120