The network
NorthHouse Partners implements Project Delivery Exellence in collaboration with a selected group of internationally experienced transformation leaders whose services complement and enhance our products, add value to our customers and align with our vision and market strategy.

Powerful teams
Our network organization provides greater flexibility, far more powerful teams and greater customer value than it is possible for a single consulting firm to deliver – and it is cost-competitive too.

By owning fewer assets and leveraging the resources of partner companies, we require less capital, return higher revenue per employee and spread the risks and benefits of a volatile market across the network. We translate this into direct financial benefits for our customers on every project.

Delivering results
NorthHouse Partners’ in-depth knowledge and experience bring together industry experts and functional specialists tailored to every change program or project to facilitate what is needed to achieve the desired results.

We compile teams from complementary disciplines, backgrounds and companies to ensure the right mix of business and technical knowledge, exceptional delivery skills and strong project and program leadership to deliver superior results to our customers. Our consultants’ project and program knowhow is underpinned by their experience in managing risk and mobilizing staff.