Vision, Values &
Code of Conduct

NorthHouse Partners is a Nordic-based management consulting company dedicated to help companies achieve extraordinary results through Project Delivery Excellence.

Our customers are medium-sized and large enterprises in the private and public sectors. As a trusted business partner we develop innovative solutions in close collaboration with our customers to enhance their delivery competencies and organizational maturity.

Our consultants are leading experts in project delivery excellence who rapidly implement the necessary changes and create fast, lasting results through strong, empathic leadership combined with proven methodologies.

NorthHouse Partners’ mission is to add value to our customers through Delivery Excellence and extreme project management, improving the competitiveness of their organizations and increasing their shareholder value.

We excel at tackling challenges and keeping transformation processes on track. Through strong, empathic leadership combined with proven methodologies we rapidly implement changes and create fast, lasting results.

By aligning processes and technology with business strategies we streamline organizations and enable people to succeed together.

Core values
Our company and customer relations are guided by three core values:


We enable our customers to become high-performance businesses and create long-term relationships by being responsive and consistently delivering value. Our business relationships are characterized by professionalism, loyalty, mutual trust and constructive dialogue.


We are dedicated to creative strategies, pragmatic solutions and mental agility. We ensure that all deliverables meet the same standard of excellence by implementing strict quality control.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

We assume responsibility to achieve success. We work independently and focused, taking risks and exploring unconventional ideas to ensure successful implementation.

Code of Conduct

Our vision is supported by our Code of Conduct:

  • We will do whatever it takes to serve our clients to the highest possible standards of quality and deliverables
  • We add most value to clients when we work together as a team to deliver value
  • Leaders will focus on selling and working for clients at the same time as managing employees to ensure excellent client work
  • We operate so that employees can fulfil their need and ambitions and be successful in our organization through serving the needs of our clients
  • We encourage entrepreneurship and innovation so that the organization can continuously improve and sustain its thought leadership
  • We show consideration for one another as colleagues, recognizing that mutual respect, sharing of opportunities and credits, and help in times of crises are key to a corporate culture where people are seen as important assets
  • We promote our organization as a leading, innovative, market-oriented organization
  • We operate by means of sound commercial practices only
  • We are proud to ask our clients to pay fully for the value we add
  • Implementation – that is the achievement of value-adding results – is the ultimate goal of all client assignments.

This Code of Conduct applies to every employee of the organization.