Delivery Excellence is NorthHouse Partners’ core service. Delivery Excellence works like a lighthouse that helps our customers get their bearings and set the course for their project deliverables. With Delivery Excellence, customers get safe projects that are delivered on time, on budget and fully operational.

”For a large medical EU project with many diverse stakeholders Delivery Excellence helped create transparency and alignment.This secured a clear dialogue and the necessary momentum in the project. I will definitely recommend NorthHouse Partners Delivery Excellence to anyone who is interested in optimizing project deliveries as well as the overall project management”

Henrik Rindel Gudbergsen, EU Project Coordinator, The Parker Institute

“NorthHouse Partners conducted a thorough and effective review of a large, complex program. They assessed the program and project set-up, governance and key deliverables, including scope, cost and time management. The review created the transparency required to evaluate the actual status of the program and was completed with a roadmap for implementing the recommendations for successful project deliveries and quality. NorthHouse Partners gave us excellent service, and I warmly recommend their program assessment services.”

Helle Huss, Executive Vice President, KMD