Get back on track and achieve your business goals

Specializing in getting your projects back on track, we focus on bridging the gap between strategic intent and bottom-line impact.
We deliver rapid, dramatic and lasting improvements to your competitiveness by empowering your organisation to excel in project delivery. We believe in a structured approach to project execution and effectively deliver your programs and projects on time, budget, quality and stakeholder expectations while ensuring concrete and measurable behavioural changes in your organization.

Delivery Excellence
We have helped multiple Danish and international organizations correct their Delivery Excellence project cost estimations and implement their most critical projects on promised time, budget and quality. Our customers have reduced financial exposure in project delivery, saved millions of Euros, increased job satisfaction and gained commitment from the entire organization based on their exceptional delivery performance.

Program and project management
Get off to a good program start or take back control of failing programs and projects with a seasoned program or project manager in charge.

Accomplish your business and IT development plans with NorthHouse Partners by your side as your consultant, sparring partner or coach.

Interim management
Leave management to us for a period of time and we will enable your employees and your organization to succeed together.

NorthHouse Business Academy gives you methods, knowledge and tools to align people, processes and technology with your corporate goals and to implement the strategy effectively.

Transformation kickstart
Kick-start your transformation in a different, challenging but fun and effective way with partners Hertz & Helmer.