The objective of an assessment is to provide a snapshot of the state of the Project, to identify improvement opportunities and outline a delivery roadmap to secure project delivery on scope, time and budget while assessing and managing project risks.

The assessment is based on NorthHouse Partners’ Delivery Excellence framework, a best practice delivery framework implemented on more than 30 global fixed price projects and a large number of assessments of projects sized 15.000 to 250.000 delivery hours.

The framework is aligned with best practice from more complex and time consuming assessment approaches, such as ISACA, COBIT and COSO and it updated with learnings and observations from every assessment and implementation.

Get Results
With NorthHouse Partners Project and program review with Delivery Excellence, you will receive full transparence on the status of your project or program.

On large, complex projects and programs, it is often hard to determine the actual status in terms of the allocated budget, time frame and the planned result.

Many of our customers have experienced that maintaining control of large, complex projects and programs and keeping them on track is challenging. Budget, scope and time frames are often exceeded, which is unsatisfactory for the project and program owners, team and target group.

If you have challenges in a project and would like to get a clear picture of the status, NorthHouse Partners are ready to help.

NorthHouse Partners will use our proven successful project delivery framework called Delivery Excellence as the basis to conduct a project review.

“NorthHouse Partners conducted a thorough and effective review of a large, complex program…. The review created the transparency required to evaluate the actual status of the program and was completed with a roadmap for implementing the recommendations for successful project deliveries and quality. NorthHouse Partners gave us excellent service, and I warmly recommend their program assessment services.” 

– Executive Vice President KMD, Helle Huss