Transparency and control of your projects

NorthHouse Partners’ Delivery Excellence enables organizations to deliver transparent projects on time, quality and budget.

Projects tend to fail because they take too long, cost too much and do not accomplish the business goals for which they were designed. NorthHouse Partners’ proven yet simple Delivery Excellence empowers you to:

  • Improve business control and assessment of project risks
  • Excel at project forecasting and budgeting
  • Make effective project decisions across your organization
  • Increase work satisfaction for project managers and stakeholders
  • Strengthen the organization’s project delivery

The starting point for Delivery Excellence is always your situation and your needs. Together we develop an overview of the gains of focusing your organization on Delivery Excellence and project performance goals. We give you a clear understanding of the effort and investment you need to succeed with Delivery Excellence in your organization.

Choosing Delivery Excellence with NorthHouse Partners makes your projects succeed and enables you to:

  • Define a clear project scope and deliverables
  • Ensure bottom-up project costing and estimates
  • Develop an accurate project schedule and milestone plan
  • Clarify client responsibilities and deliverables
  • Improve allocation of scarce project resources
  • Manage project and related business risks