Connecting your people to your purpose while maximizing EBITA growth

At NorthHouse Partners we help our clients maximize their EBITA by optimal utilization of project resources through advisory on best practice Resource Management- and planning.

Working strategically with Resource Management enables you to increase productivity and utilization through transparent demand planning, focus on high-velocity delivery by better aligning capabilities to project requirements, and nurture your employees to greatness by linking people development and day-to-day project resourcing.

We perform as-is maturity assessments based on NorthHouse Partners tested maturity model assessing skills inventory, resource planning, policies and processes, forecasting, tools, data, culture, organization, and employee development.

Based on our assessments, we help our clients formulate to-be ambitions and aspired maturity level incl. a business case, roadmap and execution plan with benefit tracking.

How we can help:

  • We advise on key processes and assess your digital tools to help you get it right from the get-go
  • We help define Resource Management roles and responsibilities throughout the organization
  • We advise on defining staffing principles
  • We support you in developing a tangible roadmap outlining the journey towards successful Resource Management implementation