For organizations committed to measure, report, and act on their climate impact.

Organizations are today expected to account for their climate footprint and put in place credible reduction strategies and targets.

This development is driven by:

  • Regulators that put in place climate related legislation that refines the playing field for doing business.
  • Customers that demand climate-conscious solutions.
  • Access to financing that depends on companies’ ability to document its climate impact.
  • And talent that prefers to work in organizations with ambitious sustainability agendas.

Organizations are however finding it challenging to accurately account for their climate footprint and decide on which actions to prioritize.

The Carbon Baseline Tool
NorthHouse Partners assist organizations with measuring and acting upon their climate footprint.

We do so based on intuitive tools that are designed to match the requirements of the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol – a globally acknowledged framework used by 9 out of 10 Fortune 500 companies.

We call this service The Carbon Baseline.

The Carbon Baseline Addresses

  • A disclosure gap:
    Only 59% of the 100 largest Danish companies disclose their carbon emissions (FSR – Danish Auditors).
  • Reporting inconsistency:
    Despite genuine intentions, companies report emissions inconsistently, facing the risk of “greenwashing” accusations.
  • Legislative preparedness:
    National and EU legislation makes the disclosure and management of emissions a future “license to operate”

Data challenges:
Data quality holds companies back from starting the journey to quantify and act upon their climate situation.

The Carbon Baseline Gives You

  • An efficient response to the demands of partners, stakeholders, and staff on showing climate resolve.
  • The most acknowledged approach (GHG Protocol) to climate reporting.
  • Credible targets that are data-driven and focus on areas that matter the most.
  • A solid data foundation that is easy to update and able to support wider sustainability ambitions.

Carbon Baseline Services Include
A Carbon Baseline process is typically completed within 3-6 months and follows 4 steps:

  1. Baseline establishment:
    Facilitated workshops to tailor the baseline to your organization.
  1. Data collection and analysis
    Structure data collection and ensure compliance with calculation practices of the GHG protocol.
  1. Reduction goals
    Set ambitious targets that are aligned with business strategies.
  1. Roadmap for action

We are committed to measure and act upon the impact that our actions in Denmark and in the many countries where CARE Denmark is working is having on the climate.

 Rasmus Stuhr Jakobsen – CARE Denmark, CEO (& Climate Activist)
Client of NorthHouse Partners