The need for sustainable projects and delivery models

Sustainability ambitions are increasingly integrated in corporate strategies and performance metrics.

This development is driven by:

  • Customers demanding climate-conscious products and solutions
  • Investors connecting financing terms to companies’ sustainability footprint
  • Legislators putting in place sustainability-related legal frameworks that companies must proactively approach.
  • Talent prefers to work for companies with an ambitious sustainability agenda.
  • Growing business opportunities within the sustainability area.

The sustainability transformation has however yet to materialize in the engine room of organizations, its projects. These do still – at large – represent single bottom line and short-term perspectives that are ill-suited to handle today’s requirements.

In consequence, organizations’ projects are not effectively delivering on corporate sustainability ambitions and goals.

P17 – Building upon Delivery Excellence
Since 2008, NorthHouse Partners has supported clients to design, execute and learn from their projects.

The foundation has been the Delivery Excellence framework, a PMI related project model that has proven delivery on time, quality, and budget on more than 30 global projects. The framework has been developed with leading fintech and software companies.

Building on the Delivery Excellency framework, NHP has now developed ‘P17 – a sustainable project delivery model’.

P17 factors in sustainability standards and frameworks, such as the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and is developed to meet an urgent need for integrating sustainability risks and potentials in projects and their underlying project artifacts.

P17 Addresses

  • The global challenge of projects not finishing on time (45%), within budget (38%) and meeting goals (31%) (PMI)
  • Inefficient projects caused by absence of sustainability metrics and thinking.
  • An unhealthy divide between ‘To-Be’ business strategy and ‘As-Is’ project
  • Paralysis in sustainability decision-making caused by complex landscape of standards and frameworks.

P17 gives you

  • Assurance that sustainability and performance metrics are firmly ingrained in your project
  • An operational delivery model that aligns sustainability targets and thinking at corporate and project level.
  • Best practice project artifacts that can be tailored to your organization and
  • The opportunity to act and communicate on sustainability commitment to internal and external stakeholders.

P17 Services include

  • Sustainability review of existing project delivery
  • Aligning sustainability strategy and project delivery
  • Direct support to initiate, manage and re-install direction of projects.
  • Project Delivery Training of Project Managers, PMO staff or similar.

We experience more demands and sustainability requirements. This is positive but also complex to integrate effectively into our performance measures and projects.

 Project Manager, Client of NorthHouse Partners