Organizations must build their capability to measure and communicate on their sustainability situation.

Hardening demands from stakeholders are requesting organizations to minimize negative sustainability impact of business activities, and to share regular and credible reporting on action taken.

This development is driven by:

  • National, EU and international legislation with increasingly detailed demands on the disclosure of sustainability impact.
  • Investors needing reassurance that investments are environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.
  • An increasingly solid business case for using ambitious sustainability targets as strategic business drivers.

To report on sustainability efforts, risks and impact is however complex and entails alignment between strategic goals, relevant normative and regulatory frameworks and standards, and the capacity to collect and analyze data.

Sustainability Reporting and Governance
NorthHouse Partners assist organizations with developing and refining sustainability reports and governance setup.

We do so based on +10 years of experience of assisting clients on internal and external reporting and in-house sustainability expertise.

We call this service Sustainability Reporting & Governance.

Sustainability Reporting and Governance Addresses

  • Inaccurate and inconsistent reporting that leaves organizations vulnerable to accusations of “green washing”.
  • Data quality challenges that hold organizations back from measuring and acting upon their sustainability situation.
  • Lack of clearly defined roles, responsibilities, and processes to support reporting ambitions.
  • A growing need for “future-proof” reports that can meet current and upcoming sustainability reporting standards.

Sustainability Reporting and Governance Gives You

  • Comprehensive sustainability reporting based of best global practices and standards relevant to your organization.
  • A data-driven reporting foundation (e.g. Power BI) that allows you to monitor sustainability performance with ease.
  • Identification and prioritization of reporting goals that meets the information needs of key stakeholders.

Sustainability Reporting and Governance Services Include

We typically follow a 5-step process:

  1. Assess ‘as-is’ situation to understand needs, challenges, and ambitions.
  2. Identify issues relevant (material) to your organization and its reporting needs.
  3. Structure data collection and establish a governance structure.
  4. Assist with data analysis and reporting writing.
  5. Develop a tangible and actionable roadmap to safeguard continued improvement.

We are committed to measure and act upon the impact that our actions in Denmark and in the many countries where CARE Denmark is working is having on the climate.

Rasmus Stuhr Jakobsen – CARE Denmark, CEO (& Climate Activist)
Client of NorthHouse Partners