NorthHouse Partners assists organizations to understand and act upon their sustainability situation and deliver on corporate strategies that integrate sustainability ambitions

We do so through 4 main offerings.

P17 – a sustainable project delivery model
Expanding on the thoroughly tested Delivery Excellence framework, NHP has developed P17 – a project delivery model that brings sustainability into the engine room of organizations, its projects.

P17 includes a broad range of best practice project artefacts that can be tailored to organizational needs.

P17 is future proofing projects by integrating sustainability standards, potentials, and risks in a transparent and operational way.

Sustainability reporting
Governance: Establish best practice governance structure as the foundation for transparent and high-quality reporting

Data-driven: Assess and advise on ways to deliver data-driven and automated processes

Future proof: Horizon scanning and advise on coming standards and legislation that organizations should proactively factor in.

Carbon reduction strategies
Climate Accounting: CO2-baselines (GHG Protocol) to establish a firm understanding of sustainability situation and respond to evolving requirements from investors, suppliers, and customers.

Strategizing: Support the prioritization of sustainability actions that matters through materiality assessments and process support.

Low-carbon IT organizations
Transformation: Direct support to clients seeking advisory on how to transform to more climate-friendly setups, products, and services.

Sustainable procurement: Support the practical integration of sustainability in decisions and policies.

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