NorthHouse Partners offers training courses in Project Delivery Excellence and related subjects

Project Delivery Excellence
This two day hands-on training course provides you framework, processes and templates to implement consistent governance and project delivery excellence processes across your organization.

Benefits Realization Management
This one day traning course provides you the framework and and tools to define, plan, structure and realize the benefits of a business change program.

Risk Management
This one day training course provides you the tools, processes and templates to ensure organisational control of project risks.

Steering Committees Excellence
This half day training course provides the framework and processes required by Project Steering Committees for building excellence in executive project leadership, providing direction, support and motivation for their projects.

Building Executive Project Leadership
This half day training course provides Project Managers with the the tools and processes to form strong, productive relationships with project sponsors and Project Steering Committees and to optimize your influenze on executive project decisions.

Managing Transformation and Change
This full day training course helps you articulate a change vision, build an approach for identifying and influencing stakeholders, develop an action plan for- and executing change and respond decisively and consistently when faced with situations that require decisions.